Otto von bismarck
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Otto von Bismarck (Author of Gedanken und Erinnerungen)
Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck (also Otto Furst von Bismarck), Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke of Lauenburg, Prince of Bismarck (April 1, 1815 – July 30, 1898), was a Prussian and German statesman of the 19th century. As Minister-President of Prussia …

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It was in September 1862, when the Abgeordnetenhaus (House of Deputies) overwhelmingly rejected the proposed budget, that Wilhelm was persuaded to recall Bismarck to Prussia on the advice of Roon.

Bismarck, Otto von
English: Otto von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke of Lauenburg (April 1, 1815 – July 30, 1898) was a prominent European aristocrats and statesmen of the nineteenth century. As Prime Minister of Prussia from 1862 to 1890, he engineered the unification of Germany.Thereafter, he served as the first Chancellor of the German Empire from 1871 to 1890.

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Otto von Bismarck. Otto von Bismarck German Chancellor 1862-1890. SSA History Archives. Germany became the first nation in the world to adopt an old-age social insurance program in 1889, designed by Germanys Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck.

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Bismarck most often refers to: . Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898), Prussian statesman and first Chancellor of Germany; Bismarck, North Dakota, the capital of North Dakota, U.S.; German battleship Bismarck, a 1939 German World War II battleship; Bismarck or Bismark may also refer to:

Otto von Bismarck Facts for Kids
Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck was born into an aristocratic family at Schönhausen, northwest of Berlin, on 1 April 1815. He attended a prestigious school in Berlin followed by the University

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Otto von Bismarck (Author of Gedanken und Erinnerungen)
His father, Ferdinand von Bismarck, was a landowner and a former Prussian military officer; his mother, Wilhelmine Mencken, originally belonged to a well-off commoner family. Otto von Bismarck had several siblings, but only an elder brother and a younger sister (Malvina) survived into adulthood.

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Otto von Bismarck, prime minister of Prussia (1862-73, 1873-90) and founder and first chancellor (1871-90) of the German Empire whose time in office took Prussia from the weakest of the five European powers to, as the unified German Empire, the foremost military and industrial power on the Continent.

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